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We have been working with fireplaces and gas appliances in Houston, Texas, since 2010. We aim to give you the best service possible, answer all your questions, and provide you with a great, safe experience with your appliance. 

Gas appliances were built to bring ease and comfort to our lives, and we believe these appliances bring us closer together. If an appliance is safe and effective, it will comfort you and your family for years.

All gas appliances need maintenance, and just like anything, if the item isn’t cared for and handled properly, it will soon break down and be thrown away and forgotten.

From my experience, most people don’t know how unique their appliances are. Once they begin looking for parts or services or try fixing the appliance themselves, the nightmare begins. I often hear terrible stories from our clients of service etiquette going out the window, from petty thievery to the service provider ghosting the individual seeking help. 

We are the opposite! We are your reliable, go-to company for gas appliances because we want you to find comfort and enjoyment in a gas appliance, just like we do. Leaving you hanging is not part of our job. Whether it’s a fireplace, grill, light, or fire pit, we would love to help you fix, repair, restore, or replace your gas appliance(s). We will work with you to get you what you need and want.

Thank you for finding us, we look forward to serving you. 


Chris and Andrea Williams

Service Area

We are a local business in Houston, Texas, serving the greater Houston Area. We have over ten years of experience repairing, replacing, refurbishing, and installing grills, lights, fire pits, and fireplaces. Unlike other companies you may find, we do not have an obligation to sell a certain amount of product to keep us afloat. Our sincere desire for you to enjoy using your appliance safely drives us. We don’t have a store that sells products and have no obligation to any distribution or retail stores. This is an advantage to you, the customer because when we order your parts, we find the best price for you. You can also choose to purchase the parts yourself, and we will help you in the process of finding and installing the parts. Service done right, every time.

When it comes to changing out an appliance, we analyze the appliance first to see if it is salvageable. Usually, it is much less expensive and less time-consuming to repair an appliance than it is to replace it. We could save you thousands of dollars to repair the appliance if it is salvageable.


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