Fire Pits Service, Repair, and Installation

We service  ALL fire pits, no matter the make or model. If you would like a detailed quote, text or call us at 346-772-9179 or e-mail us at Read further for more generalized prices and information. 



Installation of prefabricated fire pit with or without electronic ignition 

 $ Ask for price $

Custom fire pit installation

Brick, or stone fire pit: 

$ Ask for price $

dependent on size, type of stone or material, and location*.

Fire Pit Service

We service any fire pit make or model. 


Service for Fire Pits

The Flame Steward services fire pits, installs them, and creates them. Here is a list of some serviceable items we can help with to get your fire pit running and to ease your mind:

  • Check for leaks in all fittings, the gas supply line and up to the outlet
  • Assessment and solutions for low flame, uneven flame or too large of a flame
  • Clean out debris
  • Refurbishing parts and burner system
  • Installation and hook up of new fire pit valves, piping, and burner system
  • Installation of electronic ignition systems (must have access to 110V to install new system) 
  • Troubleshooting existing electronic ignition systems
  • Custom-made covers for fire pits (stainless steel covers only)
  • Building custom fire pits from the ground up with brick, stone, stucco or any non-combustible material
  • Adding or replacing media (glass, rocks, sand)
  • Installation of regulator in line with fire pit gas line (only needed for high pressure systems)

Installation of gas line with permit and a licensed plumber available.

*With electronic ignition, must have 110VAC or 24VAC supplied to fire pit or location with switch or breaker installed to cut power.



Fire pits are a great addition to your home. They bring nostalgia, comfort and warmth. Much like a fireplace on the inside of your home, fire pits are a sure-fire way to bring your family and friends together. 

Are you tired of buying firewood for your fire pit and then having to clean it out? If you do like the wood smell and effect, we can make it an easier process by installing a wood lighter to start up the wood easily and safely. Wouldn’t you like more convenience without all the hard work? Allow The Flame Steward to transform your fire pit. You don’t have a fire pit? No worries! Allow us to create one that will pull your friends and family together. Wherever you need the fire pit established, we can help.  


Electronic Ignition and Remote Start

If you would like to view some awesome fire pits that are electronic ignition and can start with the push of a button, check out These all-weather fire pit setups are the best of the best, sustain outdoor wind up to 50mph and are water resistant.

A note of precaution, there are many electronic ignition fire pit systems out there. Take it from me, none of these systems will hold up for very long if they get water in or around them.  If you have a fire pit get a cover for it, it will preserve the life of any fire pit and the electronics inside.  




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