Lights Service, Repair, and Installation

Long before electricity was invented, people used gas lights to illuminate homes, businesses and roads. Some early historians date these lights back thousands of years. 
Thankfully, new plastic and metal technologies have made our gas lights much safer than the early models and have given us the ability to install and maintain them in almost any location. Just as the first gas lights did, modern gas lights can light your way home and bring nostalgia and a beautiful ambiance to your home, business, or street. 


Wall-Mounted and Ceiling-Mounted Gas Lights

Wall and ceiling-mounted gas lights are much more decorative than post lights. They typically manufacture these lights with a “flicker” flame, which imparts some of the nostalgia and classic look of gas lights. These lights are hung on an outside wall or ceiling and have a small gas line run behind or on the side of the light.

Although beautiful, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted gas lights can be very dangerous, for two primary reasons. First and foremost, clearance to combustibles must be met, and that includes the clearance to the back wall or ceiling. Combustible materials include but are not limited to wood, drywall, and siding. If this clearance is not meant, the potential to start a fire greatly increases. Second, the gas line should never be routed inside the light or near or directly above the flame. I have seen and heard horror stories of wall-mounted lights taking the entire house with them in a fire caused by a gas leak. The tubing inside the wall was leaking, and it filled the wall with gas.

Please reach out here if you are concerned about the clearance to combustible materials or if the gas line is inside your light; we can help!


Wall-mounted light clean, service, and inspection: $60-$100 per light

Ceiling-mounted light clean, service and inspection: $75-$125 per light

Wall or ceiling-mounted gas light installation: based on size and height, starting at $75 per light




Post lights have been used for centuries. However, the lights we use today have changed in a few ways, most importantly being the fuel we use to feed the flame and the type of gas tubing manufacturers use in construction.

Post-mounted lights are unique from other lights in many ways. First, instead of being attached to the house, they usually stand in front of or on the side of the house to light the yard, usually when street lights are sparse. The gas line often runs from the gas meter, underground through the yard via plastic tubing or copper tubing, to the light. Post lights also tend to have mantles (a fabric sack usually made from silk or rayon that glows when lit on fire). Mantles provide the light everyone sees, and they often look like an electric bulb because they are very bright (when maintained properly). However, post lights are also adaptable; it is possible to install an open flame burner instead of using the mantle. You can replace the head of a post-mount light to form a torch (or tiki torch). Most post-mounted gas lights can also be converted to electric lights, with the help of an electrician.  

You may be experiencing a number of issues with your post light. For example, is the flame small, flickery or inconsistent? Is your light not working at all? It’s possible that your light may not be getting any gas to it because it’s disconnected from the meter, it may have water in it (usually a loose connection underground), or perhaps there is a leak. Whatever the issue, the Flame Steward can help!


The Flame Steward can service your post gas light/s in several ways:

  • Change out gas lines and any fittings or valves that have failed
  • Test to ensure your existing gas line is holding pressure
  • Change mantles, paint light, and clean glass
  • Replace a worn-out post, or straighten/level out the post
  • Replace a broken gas light head (These usually last forever unless hit by a tree limb or a flying baseball)
  • Change out glass panes with tempered glass (Tempered glass usually takes a few days to make because it is cut and then fired in an oven to set. Tempered glass has a higher heat rating than normal glass.)

If you need just a general cleaning or refurbishing, the pricing is as follows:

Post-mount lights and torches clean, service and inspection: $100-$150 per light

Post-mount light installation (not including gas line run): $175 (includes removing and hauling away old lamp post)


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