Welcome to the Flame Steward

Houston Area’s Gas Appliance Specialist

Safety is our #1 priority! Our aim is to repair, replace, or clean your appliance, but before we do, we will ensure it is safe to use. We check all appliances for gas leaks and ensure proper clearances to combustible materials.

To view our pricing  please visit the pages below to find your appliance type and the correlated price with service. 

Disassembled Grill


Repair, rebuild or replace: whatever the job, we can make it happen! We encourage repair and rebuilding before replacement to save you money. We can order parts for most grills.


Repair, rebuild or replace: Whether your lights are electric start, on a post, or hanging from the ceiling, we can help you fix them before you replace them.


Fireplaces: Wood burning, inserts, electric start, factory built, or masonry WE ONLY WORK ON EXISTING FIREPLACES. We do NOT install them or build masonry fireplaces. Nor are we chimney sweeps. Click the link below to find out what we do.


No gas? Clogged or rusting pipes? Don’t have a fire pit that is hooked up to gas? Tired of cleaning up the ashes from wood? You’ve come to the right place. We can help!


Still don’t see an answer to your problem? Are you trying to troubleshoot an issue? Send us pictures or a video, and we will help you as best we can.

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